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jmatt Entertainment  is a company of promoters, producers and presenters of entertainment. Our goal is to provide activity forums that hold the attention and interest of a target audience for the good times we endorse. The engagement alternatives we showcase are contingent on the physical presence, word of mouth and financial support of our patrons.

jspring! The Informant is the official newscaster and respondent for jmatt Entertainment.  We invite you to CONNECT with us by GETTING ON THE LIST to receive updates regarding featured affairs promoted, endorsed and presented by jmatt Entertainment, its sponsors and partners.

Also, you can view photos and videos of jmatt Entertainment associated occasions at our Media Content Network.

Let us answer your questions, consider your suggestions or hear your feedback by touching base at your discretion.

 -For The Good Times


jmatt Entertainment Media Kit  <– Click here for printable .pdf version

jmatt Entertainment Media Kit