jmatt Entertainment is a company of promoters, producers and presenters of entertainment. Our goal is to provide activity forums that hold the attention and interest of a targeted audience for the good times we endorse. The engagement options we showcase are contingent on the physical presence, word of mouth and financial support of our patrons.

Establishments where we form “use of venue” agreements generally cheer for our success as it usually leads to profit and notoriety for their business. Understandably so, the managers of these operations are always concerned with our promotional reach. This data dictates rental fees, consumption specials, hours of operation, staffing provisions and etc.

We are fostering relationships with venue owners in the Nashville area and throughout the Southeastern region (USA). As we grow, we solicit your viral and financial aid to jmatt Entertainment and our Social Progressive Revolution! The hope is that our attention to you leads to your support of our PROGRESSIVE alternatives. You can accomplish this by opening the following link: In Support of jmatt Entertainment.  -For The Good Times